NFL Week 12 teaser best bets: Spread, total and primetime teaser picks from proven NFL expert

Mike Tierney shares the spreads and totals you should be looking to tease in Week 12.
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For some of us totals bettors, 40 is a threshold number. No known data recognize the figure as significant. We are simply lured into Overs when a total is in the 30s more on the logic that, hey, these are NFL offenses. They should generate enough points to reach the big four-oh.

Nearly half of this week's games -- seven of 15 -- carry totals in the low-to-mid 40s, which means the six-point teaser drops them into the 30s. With such an array of choices that fit the formula, we open Week 12 teaser selections with a pair of Overs.

Our point-spread picks also are numbers-driven. Three games sport lines of 2.5, which converts to the ever-attractive 8.5 with teasers. We've chosen two of those for the ATS teaser.

Wrapping things up is a teaser applying to the Sunday and Monday night games. We couldn't quite get into the 30s on the totals, but close enough for one of them.

Totals teaser: Steelers-Bengals Over 39, Panthers-Dolphins Over 36

QB Ben Roethlisberger bounced off the injury list and enjoyed his most productive game of the season. Big Ben's play can be all over the map, but his track record in this series is impressive. Cincy usually has no trouble scoring with 34, 41, 31 and 32 points in four of its last five games. A 34-point game between the rivals in Week 3 and the return of impactful Steelers on defense have conspired to shrink this total -- too much.

Strange to see such a low total in a matchup involving one of the league's weakest pass defenses. Miami lives and dies by the blitz, and Panthers QB Cam Newton's ability to pick it up will decide the fate of this pick. The Carolina D is formidable. Lucky for the Dolphins that Tua Tagovailoa has reacclimatized himself after a brief injury break. The 'Fins have put up 22 and 24 points since his return. 

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Mike Tierney