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    Introducing SportsLine's Daily Fantasy Lineup Builder

    DFS players can get a big edge with SportsLine's new tool!
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    With the explosion of daily Fantasy sports (DFS) over the past several years, there's no shortage of advice on how to build the best DFS lineups.

    SportsLine is an industry leader in giving DFS advice with renowned daily Fantasy experts like Mike McClure and Jacob Gibbs helping members set their lineups in virtually every sport.

    Now we're introducing a new tool to give SportsLine members even more ways to build their own customizable lineups -- the Daily Fantasy Lineup Builder. This optimizing tool uses the model that powered three major fantasy sites to help users create smart NFL DFS lineups.


    Our DFS Optimizer simulates every game 10,000 times to help you build winning lineups. Save your NFL Fantasy football picks, get projected NFL DFS ownership percentages, and see every player's projected ceiling and floor -- all with one winning tool!

    This tool is perfect for beginners or seasoned experts. Among its features, you can: 

    • Create winning lineups -- Use projections from SportsLine's proprietary model to generate winning lineups on DraftKings and FanDuel.
    • Filter by any slate -- Create lineups for every game and every slate. Our model gives you the flexibility to enter what you want.
    • Increase/decrease randomization -- With our randomization feature, you can increase the range of outcomes and customize risk in your lineup.

    "SportsLine's lineup builder will help members create THEIR optimal lineup," said McClure, who is a DFS pro with almost $2 million in career winnings. "Like the simulations but want to see what Travis Kelce at CPT instead of Patrick Mahomes? Lock Kelce and click "optimize lineup." Love the lineup core but can't stand the idea of playing Duke Johnson? Remove Johnson from your player pool and generate the next best lineup. 

    "The DFS optimizer will save you hours of research time since the simulations/projections are constantly updating. Don't agree with a player's projection? Change it! You can edit individual player projections and re-optimize your lineup."

    "The optimizer is a must for DFS players -- especially those looking to play multiple lineups," Gibbs added. "Not only are the projections going to help you make better lineups, but the customization options and ease of use will drastically increase your lineup building efficiency."

    This tool is available RIGHT NOW for NFL DFS, with more sports coming soon. 

    But it's only for members, so join SportsLine now to get NFL DFS help from McClure, the DFS optimizer and much, much more, all with your membership to SportsLine

    SportsLine Staff

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