Landing Tony Romo would send win totals of Broncos, Texans, Bears, 49ers soaring

Las Vegas oddsmaker Kenny White says he would raise Denver's win total 1.5 to 2 wins, to the lofty neighborhood of 11, if the Broncos acquire Tony Romo.
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Nobody knows where Tony Romo is going. He expects to be released, not traded, this offseason.

We do know he'll make a big impact for some QB-needy team. How big?

Legendary oddsmaker Kenny White said that if the Broncos acquire Romo, he'd set the Over/Under in Vegas on their regular-season wins at 10.5 or 11. With Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch, Denver's win total would be 9, White said.

A two-win upgrade? Massive. A win total of 11? Lofty. Consider that in 2016, not a single team entered the season with a win total above 10.5.

The Patriots, Packers, Steelers, Seahawks and Panthers (remember them?) all got pegged in Vegas at 10.5 wins last year.


Romo would make his biggest impact in Denver because the defense is ready to win. And, among likely suitors, Denver is Romo's most likely destination.

From BookMaker.eu: Tony Romo's team in Week 1 of 2017 regular season

Denver Broncos +300
Dallas Cowboys +350
Chicago Bears +400
San Francisco 49ers +600
Houston Texans +800
Field +250

DENVER BRONCOS +300 (risk $100 to win $300): New coach Vance Joseph says he'll hold an open competition between Siemian and Lynch, but can John Elway resist trying to replicate the highly succesful Peyton Manning era? A playmaking, veteran QB could be all this defensive juggernaut needs to win another ring.

DALLAS COWBOYS +350 (risk $100 to win $350): These odds look low. Romo, a four-time Pro Bowler, would have to accept being Dak Prescott's backup as opposed to getting one last shot to lead a Super Bowl contender. Trading Romo would leave the Cowboys with a $19.6 million cap hit, but all indications are Dallas will try to accommodate him.

CHICAGO BEARS +400 (risk $100 to win $400): Chicago obviously needs a quarterback, but Romo understandably wants to play for a contender. The Bears do not fit that criteria. In addition, Chicago is considered the favorite to acquire Pats backup Jimmy Garoppolo.

With Cutler, the Bears' win total would be 4. With Garoppolo, 4.5. And with Romo, 5 or 5.5, per White.

SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS +600 (risk $100 to win $600): White said he'd post the 49ers' win total at 4.5 with incumbent Colin Kaepernick, compared to 6 with Romo. Again, San Fran does not meet Romo's criteria of going to a contender.

But new coach Kyle Shanahan, his Super Bowl lapse notwithstanding, is a brilliant offensive mind who could quickly build a potent unit around Romo.

HOUSTON TEXANS +800 (risk $100 to win $800): The Texans are intriguing because the had the top-ranked defense last year and discombobulated Tom Brady in the playoff loss. If they stick with bust Brock Osweiler, their win total would be 8.5, White said.

He'd post 10 if they landed Romo.

"Romo will be far better off in Denver because of their defense," White said. "However, he could stay in Texas and battle the Cowboys for state bragging rights."

Larry HartsteinSenior Analyst