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    Betting odds to be the Denver Broncos Week 1 starting quarterback: Drew Lock, Teddy Bridgewater vs. the field

    With Aaron Rodgers out, the battle is down to Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater
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    The Denver Broncos quarterback competition officially begins on Saturday, August 14 when they kick off their 2021 preseason schedule with a road game against the Minnesota Vikings. After an offseason full of rumors and speculation the Broncos QB battle is now down to two players -- Drew Lock and Teddy Bridgewater.

    Lock and Bridgewater are at different points in their respective careers, and their playing styles are also differ substantially. Lock is the stereotypical gunslinger, who likes to take chances, while Bridgewater is a crafty veteran who is known for taking care of the ball. Lock, the Broncos incumbent starter, is getting the start against the Vikings.  

    For the Broncos, their decision could come down to this: Lock's worst is noticeably worse than Bridgewater's worst; and Lock's best is also noticeably better than Bridgewater's best. 

    Will Lock's upside outweigh Bridgewater's consistency? Only time will tell. Here's a look at the current betting odds to be the Broncos' Week 1 starting quarterback.

    Drew Lock -115

    The biggest knock on Lock dating back to his college days at Missouri has been his inconsistency. There have been times where the 24-year-old will wow people with his arm strength and athleticism, and there have been other times where it looks like Lock has no business playing quarterback in the National Football League.

    When it comes to this competition, Luck is the incumbent and has far more upside than Bridgewater. And with the talent on Denver's offense, Lock's ability may make him the more enticing option.   

    Teddy Bridgewater +100

    Bridgewater has become known as 'Steady Teddy' around Denver. With a defensive-minded head coach in Vic Fangio, it wouldn't be surprising at all to see the Broncos go with the guy they feel won't single-handedly lose them any games. 

    Brett Rypien +2000

    In reality, Rypien's odds should be much longer than this. He'll likely make the Broncos roster, but he won't be their starter.

    Any other QB +700

    With Aaron Rodgers out of the running (until next offseason), the only other quarterback that could make sense here is Deshaun Watson of the Houston Texans. 

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