NFL Week 13 power ratings for against the spread picks: What each Week 13 line should be, and where there's value

Get the edge over the sportsbooks in Week 13 and beyond by developing a power rating system to stay ahead of the lines
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How many good teams are there in the NFL? It seems like a simple question, one that most years can quickly be answered with a number around the total of playoff spots, maybe one fewer or one more depending on how the race in each conference is going. This year, though, I feel like there are fewer good teams than I can ever remember, a number that may be as low as five.

Are the Rams a good team? They've tanked since trading for Von Miller, though much of the issue falls on Matthew Stafford. The team was counting on a QB upgrade this offseason, but whether due to reported injuries or just poor performance, the former Lions quarterback has looked much like the player he replaced, Jared Goff, over the last month or so.

Are the Bills a good team? They have been one of the top Super Bowl favorites for much of the year, so it feels like they're undeniably good. But Buffalo has largely dominated weaker opponents and can appear to be the NFL's best team one week and incapable of scoring against the Jaguars the next. A road win against the Saints would've looked more impressive a month ago, and Buffalo's true test starts this week against the Patriots.

Are the Ravens a good team? They own the No. 1 seed in the AFC with only six weeks to play, so they have to be good, right? The defense has looked solid the last few weeks but it's come against limited offenses, and they've had major tackling issues throughout the year. The offense has struggled to put up points in recent weeks even with Lamar Jackson on the field.

Are the Cowboys a good team? This one feels obvious; they just need to get healthy on offense, then everything will be fine. But the defense was a major problem in losses to the Raiders and Broncos, neither of which might be good, and Dallas has now lost three of its last four games. Cooper Rush has as many wins as Dak Prescott since the team's Week 7 bye.

After my top tier of six teams -- which does still include one of these questionable contenders -- and then the rest of the group above, you reach a tier of teams that look good now but have fooled us in the past. I know as soon as I push a team like the Bengals or 49ers up into the "I think they're good" tier, they'll lose to a quarterback like Mike White or Colt McCoy. It's happened before.

Read on to see my rating for all 32 teams, plus where I think the lines present the most value early in the week. 

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