Browns vs. Bills moved to Detroit: How different sportsbooks handle change of venue for NFL games

With Browns-Bills now set to be played at Ford Field, here's how major sportsbooks are handling the move.
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A major snowstorm projected to hit the Buffalo area this weekend has altered the NFL's plans for Buffalo Bills' home game against the Cleveland Browns for Week 11. The league and teams announced on Thursday afternoon that the game would be played at Ford Field in Detroit. Despite the timing of the call to move the game, reports indicate the Bills don't plan on leaving the Buffalo area for Detroit until Saturday.

With the move, the Bills will now play each of their next two games in Detroit, one as the home team against the Browns on Sunday and the other as the visitors for their regularly scheduled Thanksgiving game next Thursday, which kicks off at 12:30 p.m. ET on CBS and Paramount+.

You can read about what implications the move has to the betting line here, and you can find our site and expert picks for the game here in the run up until kickoff, but below you can find how major sportsbooks treat a relocated game when it comes to whether standing bets will be voided or not.

Caesars Sportsbook

Under the house rules for the Caesars Sportsbook website, it states that bets made prior to the relocation announcement will be voided.

"If there is a change of venue for an event, for any reason, bets placed on this event prior to the location change announcement will be void."

BetMGM Sportsbook

All bets made prior to the decision to relocate the game are voided at BetMGM, per house rules. Via Tweet:

"With the announcement of the venue change for Bills vs Browns we are voiding all wagers placed prior to the decision per our house rules."

DraftKings Sportsbook

Tickets will remain active for Browns-Bills following the venue change, though there's an interesting wrinkle in the DraftKings house rules that states that should the home/away teams flip for a relocated game, bets would then be void.

"If a game venue is changed, and the home team remains designated as such, bets will stand."

"If a game venue is changed, and the home and away team's listings are reversed, bets placed on the original listing will be void."

FanDuel Sportsbook

Per FanDuel's house rules, all bets made prior to the relocation announcement are voided:

"In the event of a change of venue or the game is moved, all bets will be void."

Westgate Sportsbook

The Superbook Tweeted out an announcement that all bets will remain active following the venue change, per their house rules:

"REMINDER -- All wagers placed prior to the Browns/Bills announcing the game moving to Detroit are still action, per the house rules."

BetRivers Sportsbook

Bets made prior to the relocation announcement will stand, per general house rules:

"Irrespective of whether such information has been detailed in the bet offer or not, bets on games being played on so-called 'Neutral, fields, pitches, courts, stadiums, ice, etc.' as well as in cases where the venue/surface type is changed, will not be treated as a cause for the offers to be voided, provided that the location in which the game takes place cannot be demonstrated as being the habitual "home" field of either team involved in the game, in which case all bets will be declared void." 


Change of venue is not covered in the house rules for PointsBet when it comes to American football, though it is covered in other sports. Therefore, all bets should stand regardless of when they were made.

Barstool Sportsbook

The general house rules indicate that a relocated event will not cause bets to void, except in situations that don't apply to Browns-Bills:

"Should an event be moved from its originally announced venue and/or have its playing surface changed, this will not be treated as a cause for the offers to be voided unless (i) the Sport-specific rules dictate such, and/or the new location in which the event takes place is the habitual "home" pitch of either participant involved in the game, except as dictated below." 

Hard Rock Sportsbook

The relocation of a football game causes bets to void, per house rules:

"If a match venue is changed, bets based on the original wrong listing will be void."

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