Kirk Cousins still a long shot to be traded during NFL Combine is taking bets on whether the Redskins will trade Kirk Cousins during next week's NFL Scouting Combine. No is a -300 favorite.


Kirk Cousins is a potential free agent -- again.

The Washington Redskins' QB was in the same spot a year ago, but the circumstances were different. League experts were divided on his worth. The team kept him through the franchise tag process, and he paid off with a fruitful season.

The 'Skins are expected to go the franchise tag route once more. This time, however, they might be unwilling to foot the bill for his skyrocketing salary.


Offshore sportsbook has posted an unusual prop bet on Cousins -- whether a trade to another team will be announced during the NFL Scouting Combine, which covers the first six days of March. The Yes odds are +250, the No -300.

The issue is a two-parter: whether the 'Skins deal Cousins and whether it occurs within the time frame.

Let's examine the trade issue first.

While the franchise tag is foreseeable, it is not a given. Washington could swallow hard and offer a multi-year deal. That would take any trade off the table.

If the tag is applied, most experts agree a trade is more likely than not to occur but is less than a sure thing.

Now, on the timing.

The trading period has not been germane to past combines because they took place in February. This year's has been moved back, and opening day coincides with the deadline for declaring tagged players.

There is no urgency to announce the tag, so figure on the Redskins doing so in the waning hours of February.

Could a trade then be pulled off within the next half-dozen days?

Perhaps. But teams' attention will be focused on evaluating draft-eligible QBs at the combine. Those who might consider Cousins seemingly would wait until they determine a grade for the ex-collegians. Under such a scenario, no trade would happen until at least March 7.

Though the odds are unfavorable, here is a vote for No at -300.

A trade is far from a lock, and the window for one to occur is small.