2017 Super Bowl Halftime Show: Lady Gaga Hair Color, First Song, Special Guests

Breaking down the prop bets for the 2017 Super Bowl 51 halftime show featuring pop sensation Lady Gaga: her hair color, first song, and special guests.


Pop sensation Lady Gaga will headline the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show. While the New England Patriots and Atlanta Falcons are busy making Super Bowl halftime adjustments, Lady Gaga will be belting out her hits to millions of people around the world.

She sang the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50 and is as unpredictable as it gets. Remember, this is the same person who once wore a dress made out of meat... because, why not?

Sportsline Image
Sun 02/05 6:30 PM EST
New England -152 O/U 58
vs. Atlanta +130 +3

Halftime is a Super Bowl tradition. Katy Perry drew 118.5 million viewers two years ago, the most ever for a Super Bowl halftime show. Rather than flip the channel, most viewers will continue to watch with bated breath to see what craziness will happen.


Speaking of craziness, let's look at several Lady Gaga-related prop bets along with the odds for each. These are just a few of the many 2017 Super Bowl prop bets that exist:

Lady Gaga's hair color during halftime show (BookMaker)

  • Blonde/Yellow -170
  • Brown +200
  • Green +1000
  • Pink +1500
  • White +1500
  • Blue +1500
  • Purple +2000
  • Orange +2000

Lady Gaga's hair has been a veritable rainbow of colors in the past. Most expect her to have blonde hair, but for a worldwide audience, she could get more memorable. Pink and blue seem like value bets at +1500, or 15/1.

PICK: Pink (+1500)

Which song will Lady Gaga sing first during the halftime show? (BookMaker)

  • Bad Romance -115
  • Born This Way +800
  • The Edge of Glory +900
  • Just Dance +1100
  • Applause +2000
  • Poker Face +2500
  • Paparazzi +3000
  • Field - Any Other Song +165

"Bad Romance" leads the way in one of our favorite Super Bowl halftime prop bets: first song. Still, the single was released eight years ago, whereas a more recent, and perhaps more appropriate Super Bowl hit to play first would be "The Edge of Glory." Any other song, or the "Field," also has value given she will likely pay homage to artists who passed away in the last year. We do know that Lady Gaga confirmed to PopCrush that she'd sing "Bad Romance" as part of her set.

PICK: "The Edge of Glory" (+900)

Will Lady Gaga be shown on the NRG Stadium roof during the halftime show? (BookMaker)

  • Yes +260
  • No -375

There have been plenty of rumors that Lady Gaga will somehow make her way to the roof of NRG Stadium in Houston during the 2017 Super Bowl halftime show. But, there have also been reports that no insurance company will back the stunt. We'd lean towards the favorite of "No" for this bet.

PICK: No (-375)

Will Lady Gaga say "Trump" at any time during the Super Bowl halftime show? (BookMaker)

  • Yes -140
  • No +110

Entertainment Weekly quoted an insider as saying Gaga is "not even interested" in mentioning President Donald Trump. Still, she could use the platform to promote causes she believes in without mentioning the president by name.

PICK: No (+110)

Which of these artists will Lady Gaga cover? (Sports Interaction)

  • David Bowie +200
  • Prince +250
  • Leonard Cohen +330
  • George Michael +500
  • Glenn Frey +800

David Bowie and Prince are the favorites in this bet, and we'd lean towards Prince. He has hits that match Lady Gaga's style, including "Little Red Corvette" and "1979," both of which we could see the pop star performing in front of a sold-out crowd.

PICK: Prince (+250)

Who will perform with Lady Gaga? (Sports Interaction)

  • Kendrick Lamar +330
  • Beyonce +330
  • Justin Timberlake +450
  • R. Kelly +450
  • Tony Bennett +500
  • Florence Welch +600
  • Father John Misty +750
  • Josh Homme +750
  • Jon Bon Jovi +800
  • Elton John +800
  • Beck +1000
  • Ted Nugent +5000
  • Performs Solo -140

Tony Bennett and Lady Gaga have collaborated on an entire album of standards called "Cheek to Cheek." She has the star power to bring out anyone, leaving this bet wide open. Many Super Bowl halftime acts feature special guests, so we'd shy away from "Performs Solo." And maybe there's an opportunity to double-down on a Justin Timberlake-wardrobe malfunction parlay?

PICK: Tony Bennett (+500)

What will the prominent material be made of on Lady Gaga's first outfit During Halftime Of Super Bowl 51? (Topbet)

  • Cotton/Polyester/Tweed: EVEN 
  • Spandex or Lycra: +200
  • Fur or Fake Fur: +250
  • Leather or Suede (Real or Fake): +350 
  • Silk: +400
  • Lace: +450
  • Velvet or Valour: +450
  • Metal (Gold, Silver, etc.): +500
  • Rubber or Plastic (Not See-through): +500
  • No material(Nude or See through material): +1,200
  • Meat (Cold Cuts or Otherwise): +2,000
  • Any Other: +500

This is quite a list. Lady Gaga is famous for her meat dress, but we don't see a repeat happening. We're going with Leather or Suede, which seems like a value and loosely enforceable at +350. "Field" is also tempting in case she comes out in football attire or any sort of Texas-themed outfit.

PICK: Leather or Suede (+350)