2017 Super Bowl: Bet Under on Luke Bryan's National Anthem

National sportswriter Mike Tierney studied Luke Bryan intensely before coming to his recommendation on this fun prop.
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The sixth track on Luke Bryan's most recent studio recording is entitled "Fast." During it, the country music star sings, "You're trying to make the good times last as long as you can. But you can't, man. It just goes too fast."

Much of the football-minded public, from his avid followers to those who wouldn't know Luke Bryan from Brian Griese, are trying to decide how fast he will zip through the Star-Spangled Banner at the 2017 Super Bowl.


The Over/Under for one of the Super Bowl's popular prop bets that have nothing to do with in-game action is 2 minutes, 15 seconds, according to the sports wagering service Bovada. In contrast to most previous seasons, when artists are tackling the tune for the first time onstage, there is evidence to help decide a play.

Bryan has belted out the National Anthem on several occasions. YouTube alone carries five versions.

Each has grown progressively longer, with the latest clocking in at 2:27 last August. The two previous anthems were completed in 2:12 (2014) and 2:13 (2015).

The key is that all three occurred at Bryan concerts, where he could stretch it out without time limitations.

Anthem singers at sports events usually are on a tighter leash. Bryan rushed through the song in 1:40 at an NFL game in Nashville nine years ago. His rendition at the MLB All-Star game in '12 took just 2:02.

Since the musical O/U became an essential item on the Super Bowl props menu, the average length is 1:58. Only four have exceeded two minutes -- record-holder Alicia Keys, Jennifer Hudson, Aretha Franklin/Aaron Neville and, last year, Lady Gaga. (Not sure what this means, but all two-minute-plus acts were partly or exclusively female.)

As a rule, country crooners don't mess around in their performances. It's more of a git-'er-done approach.

For the co-author of and vocalist on "Fast," this should lean more toward a sprint than a marathon.

If Bryan hews closely to his other interpretations prior to athletic happenings, the good times will last for those who played under 2 1/4 minutes.

In case you have no idea who Luke Bryan is, he's an accliamed country singer and reigning Billboard Music Award Top Country Artist winner. His most recent album, 2015's "Kill the Lights," hit #1.

"Kick the Dust Up" and "Strip it Down" both hit #1 on the US Hot Country charts. Now, he gets to play on the world's biggest stage: the 2017 Super Bowl.

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